Heirloom Portraits

By Roger W. Bishop

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For that perfect and unique gift (anniversaries, birthdays) for someone special (including yourself) consider:

bullet An heirloom portrait of a deceased or living family member or members.

bullet Other specific areas of interests: movie stars, entertainers, sport figures, presidents, historical figures, old west characters, Indians, wartime personalities, Civil War figures, political, etc.

bullet Personalizing the piece with names, dates, titles, slogans, verses etc. which will be beautifully calligraphied onto the piece further enhancing it's special quality.

bullet Artist's fees vary greatly from portrait to portrait. Please call for a current quote or availability of any piece shown in the gallery. Multiple purchases or multiple subjects(i.e. family portraits) will receive an appropriate discount.

Normal single subject project time is 4 weeks plus shipping. The artist's travel schedule in the spring and fall may alter this, as will work already in progress.

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